About Us

Ci’re Bean

Founder of PAYAKID


“As a young person, I feel that it is imperative that we, as a community, encourage and support our young people. We have a duty—first, to recognize their potential as our ‘future leaders’ and second, to diligently prepare them to fulfill that destiny.


I reflect back on my tender age of 11 years old, when I became aware that too many of my peers were participating not only in antisocial antics, but also sometimes in illegal activities for which they received payment (albeit minimal). The guilt that I experienced at remaining silent, coupled with the dreadful fear of conveying my knowledge to a responsible adult was overwhelming.


When I reached my young-adult age of maturity, I realized that, looking back, the students who were employed were less likely to engage in antisocial behavior/crime. I therefore decided to ‘step up to the wicket’ to formulate and implement a plan of action to encourage our students to be positive citizens; not only in Bermuda, but on the global stage as well – and that’s when PAYAKID was born.


It is my hope that businesses and members of the community will partner with PAYAKID by providing job opportunities for pay or towards community service hours, for Bermuda's Middle and Senior school students.


Students who enroll in the PAYAKID initiative will also have the opportunity to participate in the following:


  • Multiple seminars
  • Community events
  • Youth on campus (an event that takes place twice a year, in which student members of PAYAKID organize and run a fun day at a designated primary school, engaging students through fun workshops, games, and competitions in which PAYAKID merchandise (such as caps, pens, buttons, pencil cases, etc.) can be awarded to participants and winners.” 


“To provide a structured avenue that will assist to deter our students from antisocial behavior, gang activity and crime."